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We all know that speaking the guests language is THE way to get rapport with him or her. Especially to make contact with the children it's good to speak some words of their mothertongue. With this site I hope you can learn some standardphrases for the hospitality business

You can also use this site to learn or improve your French if you don't speak it already if you going to work over there. Just put your motherlanguage or one that you know well in the first column

This site is less intended for reference purposes at home or on the job. Sites as Google Translate serve better for this


This page is made by a CrazyWaiter working in an entertainment resort near Paris. At this subsite of you'll find translations in a lot of languages. More languages and options are to come! Follow the CrazyWaiter via Twitter or become fan at Facebook!


CrazyWaiter thanks his friends for submitting and or correcting the translations

  • German : Helenie Mende
  • French : Lucia Annese
  • Spanish : Susi Alonso
  • Italian : Lucia Annese
  • Portuguese : Sergio Domingos
  • Swedish : Gunnila Ögren
  • Finnish : Susa Innanen
  • Russian : Anna Shabalova / Romanization by
  • Danish : Jes Broe Frederiksen
  • Romanian : Stefania Juncu
  • Estonian : Kristel Oja
  • Database setup: Jan-Willem Hiddink
  • The twenty basic words are found at

Errors are the sole responsibility of CrazyWaiter. (there have been changes and additions after the proofreading). Please feel free to send in corrections!

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Current version: Word-table v. 1.0 (12/02/2011) / software v.1.0 (12/02/2011)

  • More languages: Danish, all the EU languages and other languages with priority to countries where guests/employees come from i.e. Poland, Hungary, Estonie, Lettonie and Bulgary. Also Russian and Chinese
  • More words and categories
  • Words for reception, kitchen, conciergerie etc
  • Words for pointing the way, guestflow, attractions, merchandise etc.
  • Printversions, PDF generator etc.
  • Hardcopy versions in little booklets, posters or sets
  • Choice of categories
  • Search functions
  • Versions for mobile phones and tables, like the iPhone
  • Soundfiles and video's
  • AJAX (no reloading of whole page when changing options)
  • Teaching, learning and test possibilities
  • Interface and about-page in multiple languages
  • For- and backwards in the singleterm modus
  • Categoryheaders
  • Choice of languages
  • Display a single term/phrase
  • ... suggestions are welcome!