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Stevens, Pete, Knutson, Bonnie, Patton, Mark, (1995), "Dineserv a tool for measuring service quality in restaurants", Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 36, (2) pp.55-60
Summary If it's true that restaurant customers vote with their feet (and pocketbooks) when a restaurant doesn't measure up to their standards, how does a restaurant operator determine what guests think of the operation? To gauge consumers' opinions before they desert in droves, a restaurant operator can use the reliable questionnaire, called "DINESERV," described here.# The dining consumer has many choices in all restaurant segments. With years of experience in dining out, that consumer is impatient and sophisticated. If your restaurant isn't providing satisfaction - service and value - the consumer will leave it for another. The determination of what is great service has altered over the years. While it once may have been leading restaurateurs, consultants, or even Emily Post guiding an insecure public, today restaurateurs must ask the boss - the customer - to define great service. Today, the restaurateur who provides great service and value has a competitive advantage over those operators who do not# Dining consumers determine which restaurants meet their quality and value standards. Restaurateurs who fail to measure up will soon see declining customer counts as guests switch to competing restaurants. "Dineserv" is proposed as a reliable, relatively simple tool for determining how consumers view a restaurant's quality. The 29-item Dineserv questionnaire comprises service-quality standards that fall into five categories: assurance, empathy, reliability, responsiveness, and tangibles. By administering the Dineserv questionnaire to guests, a restaurant operator can get a reading on how customers view the restaurant's quality, identify where problems are, and get an inkling of how to resolve them. Dineserv also provides restaurateurs with a quantified measure of what consumers expect in a restaurant. Those expectations are important, because unfulfilled expectations drive guests away.
Keywords : dineserv, restaurants, quality
DOI : 10.1177/001088049503600226
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